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So, I’ve been a bit quiet as I have been so very busy. I send lots of thanks to the lovely Seniors Helping Seniors who have had me giving their teams treatments throughout their Wellness days. This was one of the rooms I converted into a treatment room – so cost and welcoming. The feedback has been lovely. I now have more availability to take on new clients. Whether you are looking for reflexology on the feet or face, for lymph drainage or need help to balance hormones, to reduce stress and anxiety, to ease digestive issues or improve sleep …….. give me a call. or call 0788 4400144


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I spent the whole day on 16 October  treating a lovely set of midwives and Royal Berkshire Hospital maternity staff with reflexology treatments at their dedicated Women’s Health Day in their Wellness Centre. This was the pretty greeting space, the bunting on the wall carried a range of quotes from families and staff to many of the amazing team and a number of therapists joined me in helping them to discover how to improve their own wellbeing. Well done Royal Berkshire Hospital Trust for setting this up. If you want to set up a day of treatments for teams or friends take a look at what’s on offer 0788 4400144

Wellness day
Greeting the midwives and maternity ward staff for reflexology
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Phew – busy week so far. Starting Sunday when I took a stand at Berkshires Mind and Spirit fayre at Fredericks Hotel and treated 8 reflexology clients in an afternoon. But what fun and how lovely! I love meeting people I haven’t met before who are interested in the benefits reflexology can bring. Lots of smiles after the treatments and lots of comments about ‘floating on air’. Happy days! Busy everyday so far and now looking forward to welcoming new clients today. Loving 2023. If you need support with wellbeing, you know here to come 0788 4400144

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scandi winter blues


With such a chill around, cosy feet are the way ahead! When we get you ready for your reflexology I have a good supply of blankets to keep you warm and ready for total relaxation. Keeping a focus on making sure you take time to make sure your whole body is balanced reaps huge benefits. You make the time and I’ll do the reflexology on your feet to get your body and mind back in balance and sort out any symptoms you have. or call 0788 4400144.

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Supporting employee wellness

One of the reflexology services I provide is to go into companies and run morning and afternoon sessions of short reflexology treatments for staff. It is a great stress buster and can totally reinvigorate. Companies find this is a great offer of support to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their staff. If you think your employer would be interested in asking me to come in and do this for you and your colleagues, let me have their details and I’ll contact them direct, or ask them and let me know. All it takes is one quiet room and I bring all the treatment chairs etc. I currently do this for NHS staff at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust in Reading and am happy to travel to premises in 10 mile radius of Maidenhead. or call me on 0788 4400144

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Reflexology room

In the reflexology room at the Oasis Wellness Centre at Royal Berkshire NHS Trust

In the reflexology room at the Oasis Wellness Centre at Royal Berkshire NHS TrustWhat a joy. I am now regularly at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust on Wednesdays providing reflexology sessions to their staff in the new Wellbeing Centre in Reading. The building is a haven and the staff are loving their new place to ‘take some time away from the stresses of work’. I couldn’t be more proud to provide treatments for the staff to help them be able to cope with their busy schedules. Slots booked direct with me via the website or 0788 4400144. Gratitude all the way to be able to do this. For treatments for you, take a look at what is on offer


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Candles, warm lighting, heavenly aromas and soft blankets in my treatment room will transport you from the rain outside to a lovely relaxed place during reflexology. On top of choosing a bit of comfort, you will also be choosing to boost your natural immunity and making sure your all-important lymphatic system is as good as it can be to prevent illnesses. Good circulation and lymphatic systems complement one another, good circulation makes sure blood and fluid get to where it needs to be, the lymphatic systems supply the disease-fighting lymphocytes and drains fluid from where it should not be in the body. One of the main benefits of reflexology is that it is great for boosting circulation and I am qualified to practice reflexology lymphatic drainage. Prepare your body, protect your body, book my reflexology or call 0788 4400144


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Winter evening . ☁️

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Your feet have a network of reflex points on them that represent parts of your body. The reflex point for your head is your big toe, reflexes for the sinuses are on the toes too. There are reflexes for your adrenal glands, thyroid glands, ovaries…… the list is long. My bespoke reflexology treatments work a combination of these reflex points to either soothe or stimulate the areas of the body they reflect to target symptoms. If you need help with symptoms of specific health issues, pain or are feeling over stressed, book an appointment.

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